Dear God, at times I am so angry with those who have hurt me and those I love. You know that the world seems so unfair. People I care about have been hurt, some have died. I don’t understand. Actually I don’t think you could give me a good enough reason for the suffering I have seen.

So, dear God, I am asking you, what do I do? Do I spend the rest of my life feeling resentful, doubting everyone around me, living with this shell of resentment, pretending like I don’t care, acting like I don’t need anybody, dying a little bit each day?

Lord, I want more. Give me the grace to forgive. Give me the determination to take a step each day into your love that each day I may take a step into loving others. For this grace I pray. In this grace I will act each day, until it becomes real in me.

Thank you for hearing my prayer. Amen.

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