Old Testament

Readings from the Old Testament / Hebrew Scriptures

God lovingly forgives us.

“And now, LORD, according to the greatness of your unchanging love, forgive, I pray, the sin of these people, just as you have forgiven them ever since they left Egypt.”

The LORD answered, “I will forgive them, as you have asked.”
Numbers 14.19,20

God is merciful and forgiving.

Be merciful to me, O God, because of your constant love.
Because of your great mercy wipe away my sins!
Wash away all my evil and make me clean from my sin!

I recognize my faults; I am always conscious of my sins.
I have sinned against you—only against you—
and done what you consider evil.
So you are right in judging me;
you are justified in condemning me.
I have been evil from the day I was born;
from the time I was conceived, I have been sinful.

Sincerity and truth are what you require;
fill my mind with your wisdom.
Remove my sin, and I will be clean;
wash me, and I will be whiter than snow.

My sacrifice is a humble spirit, O God;
you will not reject a humble and repentant heart.
Psalm 51.1-7,17

God removes the stain of our sin.

“Wash yourselves clean.
Stop all this evil that I see you doing.
Yes, stop doing evil and learn to do right.
See that justice is done –
help those who are oppressed,
give orphans their rights, and defend widows.”

The LORD says, “Now, let’s settle the matter.
You are stained red with sin,
but I will wash you as clean as snow.
Although your stains are deep red,
you will be as white as wool.”
Isaiah 1.16-18

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