Dear God, I have wandered away from my true identity as your child. My attention has been diverted by many things. Because I was hurt, I have turned away from you. Because others have been imperfect, I have turned away from them. I have expected them to be more than I can be. Because I have seen those who live by low ideals, I have given up my high ideals.

As I have wandered away from you, I know I am slowly dying. As I have closed my heart to others, I only make my own pain and loneliness worse. Help me turn around. Help me open my heart. Help me give you the pain I carry within me and dare to reach out to others. Help me begin to hope again. Help me take one next step to be in a loving community today. Amen.


A Blessing for You

May the LORD bless you and take care of you;
May the LORD be kind and gracious to you;
May the LORD look on you with favor and give you peace.
Numbers 6.24-26

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